Hate prospecting and researching customer data?

Get Instant Insights and Personalized Briefs for Successful Sales Meetings

SalesOMMO automates the search of target customer data.

We provide data

We harness the power of data to drive sales success. Our platform empowers sales professionals with valuable insights, providing access to a wealth of data that helps them make informed decisions, understand their prospects and customers better, and tailor their sales strategies for optimal results

We give you back time

By streamlining the research phase, SalesOMMO allows salespeople to focus their efforts on building relationships, nurturing leads, and closing deals, ultimately maximizing their productivity and freeing up valuable time

A.I. Automation Ready

We believe in the power of empathy in sales interactions. That's why our platform harnesses the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide valuable insights. We enable salespeople to empathize more effectively with their prospects by having more time and space

Immerse into your prospect problems

SalesOMMO generates instantly reports and provide you with time to think more. We automate, research and provide AI suggested content that helps you understand your customer’s industry and company. 

We focus on creating clarity so you can focus on rapport-building and helping customers.

We are all different. Fortunately

SalesOMMO helps you empathize fast and build a better rapport with your customers by leveraging automated research.

Research plays a crucial role in helping you identify pain points, stay informed about industry trends, and gain a competitive edge, allowing you to position your products or services effectively and maximize sales opportunities.

Renowned technology providers.

SalesOMMO integrates with renowned technology providers. Leveraging our powerful data integrations, we automate data collection and updating. The result?

You get the most up-to-date research reports on your ideal customers.

Integrated tools you know & love

SalesOMMO will easily fit into your business processes by integrating with your everyday tools.